Jay’s story: ‘It was a perfect break and we couldn’t have had this holiday without your support’


Thank you so much for our brilliant holiday on the Isle of Wight. Really, it was perfect! The resort was great and literally a five minute walk down to the beautiful beach at St Helen’s where there was plenty of sand for digging which the boys and dog loved to do! Plus ice creams, a café and a handy toilet… what more could anyone want?! We could also park just next to the beach which was great so that when Jay got tired and a bit cold, we could could watch all the activity from the comfort of the car. Jay was well that week, thank goodness, so we were also able to get out and about on trips to the windmill and the steam train. He does get tired though, so the buggy came too! We just couldn’t have had this holiday without your support – thank you!
Jay’s mum