Tommy’s story: ‘He was hardly ever out of the sea!’


What a fantastic holiday we had on the Isle of Wight last week! You granted the holiday as my son, Tommy (who was 8 yesterday!) has cystic fibrosis. We took the opportunity to go to the beach at Ventnor and we all had a great time. Even I got in the sea! Tommy and his brother were hardly out of the water. We also went to Blackgang Chine where the boys couldn’t get enough of the rollercoaster, after initally being too scared to try it. We all loved Titan the robot at The Garlic festival. And we also went to Dinosaur Isle and on a fossil walk which was great as Tommy is obsessed with Dinosaurs! It was lovely to do such fun things with the boys. We can’t thank you enough for all your hard work and fundraising.
Tommy’s mum